League Coordinator

-attend league meetings

-insurance applications

-Hockey Canada application

-On WhatsApp Pond Hockey group chat

-pays insurance for players and coaches

League Coordinator Assistant

-help the coordinator with needed tasks



-pay the bills

-collect registration fees

-reimburse volunteer fees at the end of the season


Volunteer Coordinator


  • ensure volunteers are selected

    • coordinate with Team Manager for areas needed

  • help guide volunteers

  • Create master list of all volunteer assignments


Ice Scheduling Coordinator

-regular season games

-coordinate with Cheryl

-schedule tournaments

-communicate with league coordinator

-On WhatsApp Pond Hockey group chat

-schedule on google docs by Cheryl

-communicates with team manager and head coach

Rink Manager

-Bragg Creek Hockey representative

-communicate with townsite and Bragg Creek Hockey

-working with community volunteers

         - ice flooding

         - making, maintaining ice

-inventory propane supplies

-rink prep (October)

-driver insurance for zamboni through townsite

-liaison with townsite on ice / zamboni maintenance


Ice Maintenance Coordinator

-ice maintenance training for all ice keepers

-organize / train zamboni drivers

-works with Rink Manager

-coordinates ice volunteers

-tournament / game ice maintenance schedule


Ice Maintenance Worker: (2 / team = 12 total)

-make ice

-operate / maintain zamboni


Marketing Manager

Advertise to attract new players


-Banded Peak School             

         -Principle’s blog

         -morning announcements

-highway signs

         -in front of Redwood

         -inside Redwood (community centre)

         -outside the BCCA

         -Highway 8 traffic circle

-players handing out flyers at school in team hoodies (first week of school)

-Facebook community pages

-flyer at local stores

-The Chatter

-flyer at BCCA and Redwood mailboxes



Fundraising Coordinator

  • fundraisers throughout the season

  • communicates with the Team Managers and League Coordinator

  • organizes 3 other volunteers to help with fundraising in conjunction with Volunteer Coordinator and Team Managers


Team Manager (1 per team = 6 total)

-ensure all team volunteer positions are filled, with help from Volunteer Coordinator

-send out welcome letter and invite all families to join Teamsnap

-set up Teamsnap with parent / player info

-update Teamsnap with practices / games / cancelations

-post schedules and updates on Teamsnap

-remind parents to reply on Teamsnap / fill in availability

-create duotang with each players emergency contact and give to head coach (master copy in binder of all players info stored at skate shake)

-first aid kids distributed to all head coaches at beginning of season

  • collect player medicals

  • communication between league coordinator / parents / coaches

-ensure a ref is assigned for each game

-handout jersey to Jersey Parent at the beginning of the season


Jersey Parent (1 per team = 6 total)

-make master list of jersey

         -jersey numbers

         -parent name,

         -players name

         -parent’s phone number and email

-collect jersey deposit $65 / jersey

-collect jerseys at the end of every game

-wash jerseys as needed

-end of season

         -wash jerseys

         -remove name bars and return name bars to families

         -return deposit cheques (for undamaged jersey)

         -inventory and let Team Manager know if any replacements are needed

         -delivery jerseys to storage space (with inventory list) for the off season

Head Coach (1 per team = 6 total)

-coaching / drills

-attend games and practices

-ref coordinating with Team Manager

-instruct Team Manager to set pre-season mandatory meeting with players parents

         -discuss coaches expectations (Teamsnap, sportsmanship, player positions)   

*coaches will be responsible to ref their own games this season due to Covid-19 restrictions


Assistant Coach (2 per team)

-assist head coach

-attend games and practices

*coaches will be responsible to ref their own games this season due to Covid-19 restrictions


Website Manager

-updating coaching information on website

-update practice schedule on website

-update / maintain links to correspond with registration and volunteering

-update COVID information on website


Registration Coordinator / Teamsnap

-update registration information in summer (open registration mid August to early September)

-create teamsnap registration for the season

-coordinate with league coordinator / website manager and volunteer coordinator

-create teams on Teamsnap after registration is complete (in conjunction with Coaches and League Coordinator)


Sponsorship Coordinator

*discuss with League Coordinator if we need all new jerseys for the entire league or just replacement jerseys

if ordering all new for the entire league

       -find sponsors for new jerseys

         -~$1,000 for each team (6 teams)

         -ask sponsor for $500 / shoulder

         -decide on colour / logo


Hockey Paraphernalia

  • order hoodies / team socks / name bars

         -from Teamsnap registration

  • distribute to families

  • collect money (hopefully families will pay when they register via Teamsnap)


Scorekeeper / Firepit Scheduler (1 per team = 6 total)

-create master scorekeeper / firepit schedule of individual families (Coaches and Assistant Coaches excluded) working for each team for every home game

-email all Team Managers master schedules for all duties

-parents are responsible for trading shifts if they are unable to make their scheduled day

         Scorekeeper / Firepit Duties

         -set up fire, chop kindling

         -set up and take down scoreboard (instructions inside concession)

         -keep score during games, ring buzzer at end of game


Team / Individual Photos [and Hotel Booking]

  • book photographer, makes sure Coaches can attend

    • Kevin Bullock, photographybybully.com

      • No sitting fees

      • Photos are taken at night on Redwood ice

      • Ask photographer if they require a bench? Ice cleaned?

      • Supply photographer with all team rosters

      • each family must purchase their own photos at the photo shoot

      • notify families of date via Team Managers

      • distribute photos

  • Book hotel for year end tournament (credit card required when you book)

    • Notify Team Managers so they can notify their team families

    • typically we book the Ramada Inn and Suites in Canmore

    • reserve a block of 40 rooms in December for the March tournament

*there will not be a tournament this season due to Covid-19 therefore no hotel booking


End of Season Gifts

-purchase year end gifts

  • Head Coach and Assistant Coach

  • Players

  • Team managers

  • League Coordinator

The following jobs are to be determined based on Covid-19 guidelines:


Year End Party Planner

-organize a year end party that suits your team (players and age group)

-confirm budget with treasurer

-purchase food and drinks, or arrange a potluck

-present Coaches with gifts and thank you cards

-ensure Coach, Assistant Coach, and Team Manager are able to attend the party


Tournament Coordinator

-order trophies for all league teams

-work with League Coordinator

-player gift bags



-must be certified as a referee for teams U11-U18