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Sportsmanship Agreement

The vision of the Foothills Recreational Hockey League is to give boys and girls in the community who have widely varying hockey abilities in equal (fair play) opportunity to enjoy hockey in a “non-contact” family based environment supportive for learning new skills,

The spirit of the Foothills Recreational Hockey League is to have fun, support each other as we learn how to play hockey, coach or referee and develop good sportsmanship skills.

The game is still hockey and the “non-contact” aspect presents a challenge for some parents, players, coaches and referees. Everyone involved in our league has a responsibility to recognize this distinction between mainstream and recreational hockey, and to communicate the distinction to all players, especially those who have a tendency towards aggressive play.

Each parent, player, coach and fan is asked to adhere to the Sportsmanship Agreement and understands that aggressive play, fighting, or verbal abuse will not be tolerated and may result in a player receiving a game suspension or not being allowed to play in the Foothills Recreational Hockey League.

Medical Information & Covid-19

Each player is required to fill out the Medical Information sheet provided by Hockey Canada Safety Programs  (click here).  Please hand in this form to your child's Team Manager. We will be following all guidelines required to adhere to Covid-19 regulations.




Hockey Equipment Checklist 

The game is non-contact but all players should have these recommended items to play.  A game jersey will be issued at the first game BUT these are not to be worn at practice. These items include but are not limited to:

  • Helmet - with mask or cage, 3 strap (1-chin, 2-mask) CSA ticket intact

  • Neck Protector - must be BNQ certified

  • Shoulder pads

  • Elbow pads

  • Hockey gloves

  • Athletic protector (cup or jill shorts)

  • Hockey pants

  • Hockey socks

  • Shin pads complete with straps

  • Hockey skates - NO PICKS

  • Practice jersey (please do not use game jersey for practices)

  • Hockey Stick

  • Sports water bottle

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