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Registration is now open 

Early Bird Registration and Pricing will be open until September 15. Any teams that are not full will continue with an open registration until needed. Registration is provided by TeamSnap.  All on-going communication from your team's coach and manager will come to you through TeamSnap. This platform is easy to use, operates in real-time and includes an app for convenient access and updates. Team information, scheduling overview, standings, volunteer requirements and more are included. Please make sure to download the teamsnap app.





U7: 5-6 years old

U9: 7-8 years old

U11: 9-10 years old

U13: 11-12 years old

U15: 13-14 years old

U18: 15-17 years old


NOTE: When choosing a division, their age on January 1st of that year is what team they should be rostered in. There will be exceptions made for players that wish to be on the team below their age level. This will vary depending on their skill level and size. Please contact me before registration if this is the case.


Registration/fees must be paid in full before the season starts and to confirm placement on a team. Due to the increasing cost of ice, we have begun the process of gradually raising our registration fee to cover these costs. Thank you for your understanding in this regard, We will always try to keep our costs as minimal as possible. If there are any financial constraints that will impede your family from registering this season, please contact us! We have been working hard with our fundraising to make sure everyone has a chance to play with the Bears!

$390.00 Early Bird Registration Fee until September 15

$425.00 Registration Fee after September 15

$18.00 Socks if required

$30.00 Name Bars if required

$150.00 Volunteer Bond per player due upon registration

Sign up for a volunteer role by September 30th and receive a full $150 refund when your role has been completed. If you care not to volunteer this season, these funds will be used to go towards supporting the league and also towards league costs/fundraising.

$100.00 Jersey Deposit (this cheque is to be given to the Team Jersey Manager upon receipt of jersey and is only cashed if the jersey is not returned or is damaged. An e-transfer to can be arranged as well. Please state in comments that it is for a jersey deposit.

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