Our League Wouldn't Exist

Without Our Wonderful Volunteers!

Volunteers and parents are a critical part of the success and efficiency of our local hockey league. As valued members of our community they provide essential assistance in a variety of areas from coaches to team managers, ice managers, website maintenance, event coordination and more. (See below for the full list of roles required.) Many of our members are unaware of just how much volunteer work and fundraising is necessary to operate a thriving hockey program. In an effort to keep our program fees affordable, we ask that families become involved throughout the season.

This year, we have changed our volunteering process slightly due to the requirements being placed on us by the government in response to Covid-19. This year we will not be charging a volunteer fee and we will no longer be using a points system and instead have tried to divide the volunteer positions so they are more evenly tasked. We hope this helps everyone feel more able to volunteer their time for our league.


There are various volunteer positions that need to be filled in order for our organization to run to the best of its ability. We are asking all registered families to please visit our website( prior to October 31, 2020 and sign up for a volunteer role.  There is much uncertainty as to what the hockey season will look like this year.  We are asking that all families please be flexible and if some of the current restrictions are lifted prior or during the hockey season we will need more people to step up and help out.  If you know that you will not be able to take on any volunteer role this season we are asking that you pay a $50 volunteer fee at the time of registration.

Volunteer Opportunities

The following volunteer roles are required for this season. Keep in mind that while these are designated roles and there will always be other tasks we will need help with. If everyone pitches in it goes a long way towards making the best season possible for all of our children! We will try to keep this list as updated as possible to help with volunteer sign-up. New volunteer sign-up will begin August 10, 2020

  • League Coordinator (filled for the 2020-2021 season)

  • League Treasurer (filled for the 2020-2021 season)

  • League Volunteer Coordinator (filled for the 2020-2021 season)  

  • League Website Editor (1 person required)

  • League Marketing Manager (1 person required)

  • League Fundraising Coordinators (4 people required-1 filled)

  • League Ice Rink Manager & Coordinator (2 people required)

  • League Covid-19 Regulations Manager (filled for the 2020-2021 season)

  • League Registration Coordinator (1 person required)

  • League Referee Scheduler (not required this season)

  • League Paperwork Coordinator (1 person required)

  • League Gear Manager--hoodies, name bars, socks, water bottles  (1 person required)

  • League Jersey Sponsorship Coordinator (1-2 people required)

  • League Photo Coordinator (1 person per season)

  • League Year End Gift Coordinator (1 person per season)

  • League Tournament Awards & Hotel Coordinator (not required this season)

  • Team Managers (1 per team required)

  • Team Head Coach and Assistant Coaches (2 per team required)

  • Team Referees (not required this season)

  • Team Ice Rink Maintenance Crew (3-6 people per team required)

  • Team Scorekeeper/Firepit Manager (1 person required per team)

  • Team Year End Party Coordinator (not required this season)

  • Team Year End Coach/Manager Gift Coordinator (1 person per team)