Our League Wouldn't Exist
Without Our Wonderful Volunteers!
Thank you!

Volunteers and parents are a critical part of the success and efficiency of our local hockey league, dare I say the most important part! We honestly couldn't do any of this without our amazing volunteers. Many are unaware of just how many volunteer hours go towards operating a thriving hockey program. We have tried our best to distribute the roles evenly so that the volunteer workload can be spread out instead of heavily relying on a couple people.

There are various volunteer positions that need to be filled in order for our organization to run to the best of its ability. We are asking all registered families to please sign up through the link below for a volunteer role by October 31st.  There is a Volunteer Bond of $150 a player. If you have signed up for a volunteer role and fulfill the duties during the season, your bond will be reimbursed in full at the end of the season. If you have more than one child in the league, you only need to complete fulfill one role but we definitely appreciate those that help out even more than required. Thank you everyone!

Volunteer Opportunities

  • League Coordinator

  • League Coordinator Assistant

  • League Treasurer

  • League Volunteer Coordinator

  • League Website Editor

  • League Marketing Manager

  • League Fundraising Coordinator

  • League Fundraising Team

  • League Ice Rink Manager & Coordinator

  • League Covid-19 Regulations Manager

  • League Registration Coordinator

  • League Referee Scheduler

  • League Paperwork Coordinator

  • League Gear Manager- name bars, socks, jerseys

  • League Jersey Sponsorship Coordinator

  • League Photo Coordinator

  • League Year End Gift Coordinator

  • League Tournament Awards & Hotel Coordinator

  • Team Managers

  • Team Head Coach and Assistant Coaches

  • Team Jersey Managers

  • Team Referees

  • Team Ice Rink Maintenance Crew

  • Team Scorekeeper/Firepit Manager

  • Season Farewell BBQ Team

  • Team Year End Coach/Manager Gift Coordinator