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Upcoming 2021/2022 Bragg Creek Bears Season

Hi parents,

I hope you are all having a fabulous summer! I wanted to send a quick email as I know most are gearing up to register for Fall activities/hockey. Registration is going to be a bit later this year (starting near the end of August) as we have our league meeting and Alberta Hockey meeting mid-August. We have all decided to wait so we can provide all of the important information to parents before registration. Thank you for your patience in this regard. The layout will be quite similar (1 or 2 practices and 1 week-end game).

We are needing a couple administrative volunteer roles filled for this year. Several of these roles do most/all of their work before the season even starts. Several of these roles are currently vacant or are filled by a member that will not have a child on the team in the near future. I am trying to keep the volunteer roles clear, concise and as a smaller time commitment. This way, hopefully, the work can be a bit more spread out among the volunteers instead of heavily relying on a select few. Please don't be afraid of not knowing something as we are here to help you out! If we can all pitch in, there is less work for everyone. Please contact me at if you would like to volunteer for one of the roles below.

-Treasurer in training (be mentored this season to take on this role completely in the future-track receipts and payments/banking-a few transactions a month)

-Fundraising Coordinator in training (be mentored this season to take on this role completely in the future-manage the fundraising team and fundraising funds)

-Volunteer Coordinator (create a sign-up genius for the team, manage influx of volunteers during sign-up, attempt to fill empty roles)

-TeamSnap Registration Coordinator in training (set-up the new season/registrations through TeamSnap with mentorship, check-in on registrations)

-Team Marketing/Website (1 more position needed-help market our team to the community and get the word out!)

-Paperwork Coordinator (print and organize medical forms into team duo-tangs)

-Equipment Coordinator (organize team equipment and jerseys, arrange a time for all team coaches/jersey managers to pick-up, note: all the gear is currently stored in one place, order name tags and socks if needed) Thank you everyone! Cynthia Brocklebank League Coordinator

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