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Volunteers Needed!

Hi everyone!

We have had some inquiries about the Board of Director Roles but no new volunteers just yet. I have attached an explanation of the roles and the duties each role would oversee below. Please note that several of these duties listed will be fulfilled by other parent volunteers during the season and will just need to be supervised by the Director. As you can see, I have tried my best to spread my current duties out so the Director roles are very manageable as a volunteer role for the season. This league runs completely on volunteers and will only succeed with your help! Please consider joining our Board. Have a great week!

President-League Director: Cynthia Brocklebank


-oversee all directors to maintain cohesiveness between divisions

-set-up signup genius and ensures volunteer roles are fulfilled

-point of contact for all other volunteers that aren’t managed yet (email explaining duties, overseeing duties)

-2nd signature for banking

-oversee bills

-communication with Hockey Alberta

-any communication with the league

-point of contact for parents

-point of contact with team managers and coaches if needed

-guide, train and help with all duties below when needed

-any other items that have been missed while creating this document

-works with Vice-President to handle any issues/investigations

-league Initiatives and team spirit initiatives

Vice-President/Coaches and Team Manager Director : (Will receive approximately 2 volunteers to help with these duties)


-sets up and monitors/rosters registration on Team Snap (copy/paste from last year and changes select things)

-chooses volunteers for coaching/team managers

-main point of contact with coaches and team managers (welcome email, expectations for the roles and so on-I have drafts saved and Coach’s Corner on website has already set-up)

-ensures coaches have done Respect in Sports for leaders and criminal check (save in a folder in email for if any issues arise)

-works with President to handle any issues/investigations before bringing any decisions to a vote with all Directors

Treasurer: Amanda Matthews


-tracking and payment of bills incurred

-reimbursements for purchases

-monitoring bank account and spending

-budgeting for the season

-budgeting for purchases needed and fundraising

-1st signature for banking

Scheduling Manager: (Will receive approximately 2-4 volunteers to help with these duties)


-contacting Black Diamond, Morley or another rink through email to confirm ice time (mid-August)

-inquire about extra ice time for October because we are not local and do not get first pick for times with Black Diamond

-create practice schedule for October/November/early December (usually rolled over from the previous season with minimal changes)

-create practice schedule for Redwood Ice (usually rolled over from the previous season with minimal changes)

-communicate with other coordinators from other communities to create schedule for first half of season and second half of season (Millarville seems to enjoy creating the spreadsheet)

-send out schedule to Coaches and Team Managers so they can input into TeamSnap and continue to communicate any changes throughout the season

-point of contact for Coaches/Team Managers for ice and time changes throughout the season (we had talked about possibly sharing coaches phone numbers so that they can cancel with each other if needed when weather issues arise)

-oversee referee coordinator volunteers to ensure referees for U11,U13,U15 and U18 games

Fundraising and Events Manager: Jenna Sparkes (Will receive approximately 4-6 volunteers to help with these duties)


-work with fundraising volunteer committee to plan and create fundraising opportunities to raise money for different initiatives

-working any fundraising events

-tracking fundraising income

-communicate the fundraising goal for the season and plan a way to involve the kids in a fundraising activity to create ownership of their team within the community

-oversee the year-end party committee and oversee gift planning volunteers

Marketing Manager: (Will receive approximately 2-3 volunteers to help with these duties)


-update website with needed details for the season and links for the season registration in August

-update the Facebook group and website with pictures and details throughout the season

-pre-season marketing started in late August/September (school flyer, Redwood Sign, posters in town, Facebook, Chatters)

-marketing within the community (stickers, rink boards, banners, any new initiatives)

-enhance the team spirit and league initiatives throughout the community

Communications Manager: (Will receive approximately 2-4 volunteers to help with these duties)


-oversee medical forms and Sportsmanship Agreement and ensure coaches each have their duotang

-TeamSnap registration Set-up and monitoring

-oversee input Hockey Alberta names into database

-sanctioning the team with Hockey Alberta

-some emails when required

-minute manager and note keeper at meetings

Equipment Manager: (Will receive approximately 5-6 volunteers to help with these duties)


-key holder for equipment shed

-manage and organize team jerseys and team equipment

-oversee jersey managers (1 per team not included in volunteer count)

-oversee yearly purchase order for socks(July/August), name bars (October/November)

-purchase for jerseys, goalie gear, practice equipment etc. when required

-arrange a pick-up for equipment and drop-off at the end of season for coaches and jersey managers

-oversee Bear’s merchandise order in November

-oversee Bear’s gift for kids for season-end (start in January)

-oversee ordering of medals and trophies (start in January)

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