Updated Scheduling Information

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

I want to begin by saying thank you for everyone's patience this year. Everything has been delayed by figuring out our cohorting situation and Spray Lakes just opened up the schedule yesterday with delays regarding Covid as well.

Currently, this is the information that we know:

We will be cohorting with ONLY Cochrane until at least Christmas break. This means that we will not be able to play against Millarville, Black Diamond or Priddis until we restructure the cohorts. We are thinking of possibly doing a 3 player plus goalie x 3 player plus goalie game set-up as this will allow us to keep the teams a bit smaller, therefore making it possible to play games against different Cochrane teams instead of continuously playing the same team. This is to be confirmed based on registrations. The 3 against 3 will reduce covid risk and will also help increase ice time. With current registration numbers, we are estimating that we will have 3 Cochrane teams and one Bragg Creek team in each 50 person cohort.

Practices will run in Black Diamond, every Sunday and for 45 minutes each team. This is to accommodate the separated practices to keep the cohorts intact. There will be no combined practices this year. The Black Diamond Rink has put a "No Spectators" rule for the foreseeable future (indoor and outdoor rink) so parents will not be able to watch practices. There is also no dressing room or bathrooms.

Games will be on Saturdays and will be in Cochrane. Currently, Cochrane does not have any spectator or mask restrictions in place although, the town may implement a mandatory mask.

Once our outdoor ice is ready, the practice and game locations will change. We currently do not think that there will be a spectator restriction in Redwood Meadows.

Practice Times

***These times are subject to change due to ice availability.


Black Diamond: Sunday, Time TBA

Redwood Meadows: Tuesday at 6pm-6:45pm


Black Diamond: Sunday, Time TBA

Redwood Meadows: Thursday at 6pm-6:45pm


Black Diamond: Sunday, Time TBA

Redwood Meadows: Monday/Wednesday at 6pm-6:45pm


Black Diamond: Sunday, Time TBA

Redwood Meadows: Monday/Wednesday at 7pm-8pm


Black Diamond: Sunday, Time TBA

Redwood Meadows: Tuesday/Thursday at 7pm-8pm


Black Diamond: Sunday, Time TBA

Redwood Meadows: Monday/Thursday at 8pm-9pm

Thank you once again for your patience and flexibility this season. Our goal for this year is to have fun and let these kiddos play some hockey!

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