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Volunteers Needed for 2022-2023 season! Please help!

Hi Bears! I hope everyone's summer has been fantastic so far! Behind the scenes of the league, there has been some major planning going on. For several years, many of the duties and decisions relied on the League Coordinator to coordinate, fulfill, and oversee. Unfortunately, this isn’t a sustainable way to continue as many volunteers can not and will not be able to take on such a huge time commitment. For this reason and several others, I have made the decisions to divide my role up into several more manageable roles that will form a Board of Directors. This aligns with how an average Recreational League is ran and also several of the leagues that we play against during the season as well. The creation of this Board of Directors is to ensure the sustainability and longevity of the Bragg Creek Bears. For this next hockey season, my son has decided that he'd like to try out a longer and more competitive hockey team and he will be leaving the Bears for now. This means that I will no longer have any children in the Bears league. I am willing to stay the League Coordinator and donate my time to ensure the league runs smoothly, however, I will only be staying if these new Board Roles can be filled. If the roles cannot be filled, I will, unfortunately, have to resign as the League Coordinator. Please read below if you think a Director role is something you would be interested in. We would absolutely love to have you join our team so we can continue improving the league! We are also pleased to offer a $125 player registration discount to anyone that becomes a Bears’ Board Member. Thank you to those that have already volunteered! Please reach out if you think you could be a good fit for one of these roles. Thank you! 2022/2023 Bears Board of Directors: League Director: Cynthia Brocklebank Vice-President/Coaching Director: Not Filled Communications Director: Not Filled Scheduling Director: Not Filled Fundraising & Events Director: Jenna Sparkes Treasurer: Amanda Matthews Website and Marketing Director: Not Filled Equipment Director: Not Filled Duties: As a Director, you will be the leader of your area and will oversee the communication, volunteers and decisions within that area. The League Director (me) will oversee all areas to ensure everything remains cohesive, train/guide and help with anything when required or that is not covered by any of the roles. I have already worked hard on developing a guide for each role. Decision Making: Any large league decisions will be voted on by all Directors. Any Director can bring forth any large decision that they believe will need to be voted on. A vote can happen in person or over whatsapp/email. If there are any disciplinary actions that need to be taken during the season for a player, parent, coach, volunteer or director, there will also be a vote within the Board to ensure a fair and unbiased decision. Time Requirements: Our goal is to keep the time requirements as low as possible as we know everyone is incredibly busy. We will strive to have 2 in-person meetings a year where we brainstorm ideas and initiatives, decide on major decisions and plan for the season. The hope is that the remainder of the communication will be on a WhatsApp conversation or email. There will be a meeting in August and probably mid-year to re-align everyone. If you are unable to attend a meeting, we could set-up a Zoom link for you to attend virtually. Compensation: Your volunteer bond will be fulfilled and you will receive $125 off your child’s registration for the season. Absences and Retiring: You will be asked to find coverage for your duties if you are away and cannot fulfill them. We will all try and help the best we can while you are away. These roles are considered to be continuous. We ask that by accepting this role, you agree to giving ample notice of retirement so that the team is able to find a replacement (at least 3 months). We would appreciate you being available to train/guide the next person to volunteer for your role when the time comes for you to retire. Thank you for reading. We hope to hear from you soon. Have a great week! The Bears Board Members

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